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Cyber Travel

Enhancing your travel experience by using the Internet



The Internet has transformed the way we live -- and the way we travel. And when it comes to travel, it is a great vehicle before, during and after your trip.

BEFORE you leave, you can use the Internet to explore potential vacation spots, book your airline tickets, book your hotel and your excursions.

DURING your trip, you can visit Internet Cafes to check your e-mail, send e-mail messages, and see what's happening around the world. One thing I've discovered is that I can create my trip journal by sending myself a copy of the e-mails I send everyone else describing the activity of the day. When I get home, my journal is a completed publication!

AFTER my trip, I display my pictures, summarize my trip (using my already completed journal) on my personal web site.

Use the links below to maximize the value of the Internet for travel:







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