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Who's Who on the Grand Tour?

  (* = previous Laufer tour participant)

  1.  Janet Aaronson* Columbus, NJ
  2. Margaret Amico* Mercerville, NJ
  3. Salvatore Amico* Mercerville, NJ
  4. Janet Bakley Marlton, NJ
  5. Nancy Bliss* Mt. Laurel, NJ
  6.  John Bransfield* Mercerville, NJ
  7. Nancy Ciaramella Yardville, NJ
  8. Mary Costello* Medford, NJ
  9. Erika Cowan Mt. Holly, NJ
  10. Rosemary Danbury* Bordentown, NJ
  11.  Anthony DeGaetano* Howell, NJ
  12. Susan DeGaetano* Howell, NJ
  13. Linda Dickman* Vincentown, NJ
  14. Michele Dickman* Philadelphia, PA
  15. Harriet DiLeonardo* Southampton, NJ
  16. Viola Feuchtwanger* Wrightstown, NJ
  17. Eleanor Gallagher Media, PA
  18. Dennis Ghaul Columbus, NJ
  19. Douglas Ghaul* Burlington, NJ
  20. Lisa Ann Ghaul Columbus, NJ
  21.  Evelyn Gibson Moorestown, NJ
  22. Marion Huddleston* Willingboro, NJ
  23. Kathleen Huder Sewell, NJ
  24. Myra Hunter* Mt. Holly, NJ
  25. Edward Keebler Southampton, NJ 
  26. Judith Keebler Southampton, NJ
  27. Geraldine Keeley* Bellmawr, NJ
  28. Joseph Laufer* Vincentown, NJ
  29. Penny Laufer* Vincentown, NJ
  30. Anita Lee* Fieldsboro, NJ
  31. Pauline Lee* Burlington, NJ
  32. Peter Lee* Burlington, NJ
  33. Joanne Levach Trenton, NJ
  34. Corinne Lovenduski* Mt. Holly, NJ
  35. Francine Maguire Wallingford, PA
  36. Glenn Malsbury* Medford Lakes, NJ
  37. Gerald Mangine Trenton, NJ
  38. Nancy Mangine Trenton, NJ
  39. Dolly Marshall* Cinnaminson, NJ
  40. Cora Maxson* Mt. Holly, NJ
  41. Joseph Mazzilli* Tabernacle, NJ
  42. Carolyn Mazzilli* Tabernacle, NJ
  43. John Mazzilli Altha, FL
  44. Marilyn Mazzilli Altha, FL
  45. Herman Perro Burlington, NJ
  46. Phyllis Perro* Burlington, NJ
  47. Miriam Prickett* Mt. Holly, NJ
  48. Edith Serio* Medford, NJ
  49. Lois Uetz* Mt. Holly, NJ
  50. Rick Uetz* Mt. Holly, NJ
  51. Beverly Young* Southampton, NJ
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10 days - March 22-31, 1999

Trip included Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Assisi, Pompeii, Sorrento, and Rome.

Here's Joe in front of St. Mark's in Venice

Retrospective: Grand Tour of Italy

Weather was generally good. Only two rainy days affecting our visits to Florence and Pompeii.

Some of the men embarassed the ladies by their participation in a custom in Verona of affectionately recognizing the assets of the statue of Juliette.

The gondola rides through the canals of Venice were the highlight of our day there -- and what beautiful sunshine!

In Balogna, our imperial leader demonstrated his awe for the Cathedral by doing a spread-eagle at the entrance, causing him to navigate the rest of the trip with a cane.

We were received in Florence by a drizzle as we waited in line to admire David. The following day, the agility of the group was tested by one of the most strenuous walking tours of the week.

On the way to Assisi we had a marvelous time at Castello Il Plagio where we tested the wine and the olive oil and contributed healthily to the local economy.

The effects of the earthquake over a year ago were visibly seen in Assisi, as we were undable to visit the upper basilica, St. Claire's and Our Lady of the Angels at the Portiuncula. Several attended Palm Sunday Mass in the lower basilica just above the tomb of St. Francis -- hearing three Friars read the Passion of Christ in Italian! Some brave participants climed to the top of the mountain to be awed by a marvelous rainbow. It is understandable after visiting Assisi why St. Francis was such a nature lover.

Our long trip to Sorrento was highlighted by the many commentaries of Alexandra, who pointed out Monte Casino, among other marvelous sites.

Pompeii was awewsome, despite the rain.

Our trip to Capri was delightful -- even though Edith Serio was almost left on the boat, and Gerry Keely lost her passport.

Then, on to Rome. An evening walking tour tired those who opted for it, but was well worth it, as Alexandra showed us the illuminated Forum from above. We tossed our 3 coins in Trevi Fountain to assure our return, had a meal at a restaurant with LIVE entertainment, and the following day visited St. Peter's (losing Cora Maxon along the way) and the Sistine Chapel. An evening meal at Planet Hollywood and then the next morning, on to the Airport and home.

Needless to say, we truly had a GRAND TOUR and couldn't possibly squeeze anything more into the ten days allotted us.

On the way home, we even had a tour of Manhattan, and to top off the "adventure," we couldn't leave Vincentown until Mary Costello got her keys out of the trunk and Evelyn Gibson found her dropped key!

There are 54 very tired people in New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida this week -- but with memories of an adventure of a lifetime .

Joe and Penny in Venice

A view of Venice's Grand Canal from a gondola!


 Note: 1 mile = 1.6093 km

Tuesday, Mar. 23 :

Milan to Verona - (158 km.) - 98 mi.

Verona to Venice - (114 km.) - 71 mi.

Thursday, Mar. 25 :

Venice to Balogna - (154 km.) - 96 mi.

Balogna to Florence - (101 km.) - 63 mi.

Friday, Mar. 26 :

(Optional) Florence to Pisa - (83 km.) - 52 mi.

Saturday, Mar. 27 :

Florence to Assisi (151 km.) - 93 mi.

Sunday, Mar 28 :

Assisi to Pompeii/Sorrento - (400 km.) - 250 mi.

Monday, Mar. 29 :

Sorrento to Rome (226 km.) - 140 mi.









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