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Paris City Stay

March, 2001



The Laufer clan invades Paris - March, 2001

At the Arc de Triomphe: Judy, Tracy, Kevin, Ellenrose, Mary Lou, Karen, Joe and Penny
At the Eiffel Tower: Ellenrose, Karen, Joe, Penny, Judy, Mary Lou.

We're back from our visit to the City of Light, and this city stay itinerary gave us a free week to fill however we wished-or not to fill at all, the better to indulge in every passing whim. There were 29 of us, and we returned home pretty well exhausted from a very busy schedule.

Upon our arrival in Paris, we checked into the Touringhotel Magendie in the 13th district, south east of the city center. Unfortunately, we didn't see much sun, and the Seine was over its banks, cancelling all boat activity, and the Louvre was closed because of an employee strike. Oh well -- its Paris, so we just had to find other things to do -- and that wasn't hard. We used our first day to explore and enjoy the city on our own. On our second day we took an EF walking tour, then later, a formal bus tour of the city. On the third day we visited Versailles. Our fourth day was free to again enjoy the city, but half of our group joined an optional bus tour to the Loire Valley, which included a visit to Chartres Cathedral and Renaissaance chateaux.
Although a short stay, (two travel days, four in-city days) this tour packed a lot of fun into an economic international adventure.

Total cost per adult: $1,050 (Student price, under age 25, $895. Program fee included round-trip airfare, 4 overnight stays in Touringhotel Magendie, continental breakfast and dinner daily, 1 carnet (10 metro tickets) and several sightseeing tours and pre-paid vists to special attractions.
Tour consisted of 29 particpants.

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