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The Kingdom of Thailand

February 18 to March 3, 2003 - 14 days

No matter how many photographs you've seen, nothing prepares you for the stunning reality of Thailand's majestic palaces, ornate temples, beautiful scenery, and smiling people. It is a land of enchantment, with a temple at every corner, colorful spirit houses, and long-tail boats plying the canals and rivers.

Here is a Journal I wrote as the tour unfolded. It is a series of e-mails sent to family and friends while on tour from Internet Cafe's and Hotel Business Centers throughout Thailand.


For those who aren't up on their geography, Thailand is a part of Indochina, bordered by Laos and Cambodia to the east. Viet Nam is to the east of Laos and Cambodia, not that far from Thailand. It is the fabled " Siam" of The King and I and Anna and the King of Siam. We arrived in Bangkok and spent some time in the north (Chiang Mai). We stayed in 5-star hotels throughout the tour.

Rated high by participants was the Elephant ride!!

This tour is being conducted through Collette Tours of Rhode Island. We flew out of Philadelphia on Northwest Airlines. This was truly a travel bargain: $1,907 per person (double occupancy) - $2,207 (single occupancy).

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