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1. Travel light – whatever you need is available where you’re going.

2. Forget about language lessons – smile, point and try English.

3. Do your homework before you go – but leave room for surprises.

4. Choose at least one exotic place you never thought you’d visit.

5. Best kept secret travel location: Puerto Rico – out on the island.

6. Cruises are the best travel buy – if you don’t waste money on “optionals”.

7. Practice frugality in moderation.   Don’t be afraid to pay for amenities.

8. At least TRY their food. 

9. Group travel beats getting lost on a back road in Ireland.

10. If you MUST buy souvenirs, make it one Christmas tree ornament (or equivalent in your culture)!

OK – TEN weren’t enough ….

11. Think “SAFETY”, but don’t be paranoid.

12. Bring a broad sense of humor.

13. Don’t sweat the exchange rates – get money where convenient.

14. I don’t send postcards anymore (but I use cyber cafes!).

15. Keep a Journal!

16.  Travel while your legs still work.

17.  Live now.  Spend the inheritance.

18.  Hotels on tour: all you need is a bed, clean linens and a shower.

19.  Good for tips anywhere in the world: bring at least fifty U.S. $1.00 bills.

20.  Travel: our best weapon against terrorism.



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